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Hi [[firstname]], Thank you for your order we’re excited to get it going! In order to start working on your order please provide the top 4 keywords you want to target If this is your first order here’s some info about how this campaign is going to work within 4 Business days, the team will recognize this order and from there it will be assigned to all of the team members that need to work on the account, once the team will start working on the order and they will update your deliverable sheet about 2 to 3 times a month as they go. Please check the links above and find your photos Gdrive link and upload at least 20 images for us to work with (no stock images) Within your deliverable sheet you will find a tab called Grids/Heatmap – this will show the progress of the campaign month over month and you can use those reports for your clients as well The communication for this order will be done using this thread, so if you have any comments or need anything don’t hesitate to send us a message here 😀 To your success -DS Team

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